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 New car
  VW Golf mk1 is released ;)
 New cars!
  I've added three new cars that are made by my friend JFK ;)
  New vehicle carpack released in downloads ;) A different, special version with different body might be released soon too.
 New releases!
  Fiat Seicento Sporting and the Kitchen Cookout map are available now!
 Car update
  Updated Seicento is released! It has a patch for the 16:9 dash and a extra paintjob!
 Porsche 911 update
  A update for the Porsche is available in downloads section. Now the dash will look fine also on 16:9 screens
 New car released!
  I've released a scratch-made Porsche 911 ;)
 New map add-on!
  I released a new map for MM2!
 Acura NSX
  Acura NSX is released! Also check out the 1967 Shelby GT500. Enjoy!
 New mods!
  I've uploaded a tractor add-on vehicle and a mod that is adding the MM1 traffic taxis to Chicago map

Enjoy ;)
 New cars
  The Fiat Seicento is available for download now! It is my real-life car, have fun with it! Now I'm working on a tractor with a trailer. Some of you may remember it, since it was used as a prop in Eurocity.
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